We offer compliant, client-specific management design tailored to each your needs. Absolute Value Management (AVM) will not dictate your management structure and procedures to you. The structure that you envision, and the procedures that will result in the most productive appraisal solutions for your company, are determined and carried out.  From the appraisal ordering process, to communication, follow up, turn time requirements, QC analysis and final submission (with all the associated options of UCDP submission, GAAR reporting, PDF and XML delivery), you identify your company's needs and AVM will meet those needs.  

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By virtue of its appraisal roots, Absolute Value Management can offer a number of resources specifically tailored to your needs.  Pre-appraisal value analysis in a variety of formats is available as well as post appraisal QC and value analysis,  traditional QC review (desk and field) and loan buy back defense/consultation in the form of retrospective review and appraisal is also available. 

With changes to the lending/appraisal industries imposed by the Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) in May 2009 and later by Dodd-Frank, the relationship between a lender and an appraiser was permanently altered.   While lenders and appraisers could still talk, conversations regarding particular files/scenarios by anyone who would profit directly from the loan were prohibited.  The inevitable long-term outfall was that lenders and field appraisers largely ceased to communicate.  Vital discussions regarding scenarios, explanations and problem resolution stopped occurring and customer service to the consumer and real estate community suffered.   Absolute Value Management has moved into the communication vacuum created by HVCC and Dodd-Frank  --  fostering and rekindling communication on vital issues.  With our staff of experienced appraisers, any and all scenarios can be discussed and problems resolved in a fully compliant manner.  This benefit of superior, productive communication is offered by virtually no other AMC.

The leadership core at Absolute Value Management has years of cumulative experience in educating industry professionals and in giving presentations on the ever-evolving topics of appraising, appraisal-lending cooperation and integration, and market analysis.  By tapping into AVM’s educational and marketing resources in an effort to reach out to your referral partners, you have the opportunity to establish a greater level of trust and confidence in your lending expertise.  Selecting Absolute Value Management as your appraisal/AMC partner demonstrates your commitment to industry wide responsibility and professionalism.

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