Superior Appraisal Service Backed By Technology

We utilize state of the art appraisal management software, in conjunction with dedicated and available staff who maintain constant contact with, and supervision of, our appraisers.  Your company determines the due date of the appraisal and AVM insures adherence to that date.  All rush requests, and special requirements are always honored.

For ease of ordering, tracking and processing appraisals -- Absolute Value has the ability to integrate with most Loan Origination Systems including: Encompass, Calyx, LendingQB and MortgageFlex.

Over the past several years, AVM has leveraged multiple significant advancements in appraisal management technology in order to better provide real-time services to our clients.  Continuously implementing new advances in the use of electronic forms software, digital photography, mapping and sketching software has allowed us to produce a superior quality product in a more efficient time frame.  Utilizing the most accurate data and research techniques, we consistently out-perform our competitors.

We meet the industry standard of delivering reports electronically in a variety of formats including, but not limited to, EDI, PDF and AI ready. Our delivery protocol ensures clients receive appraisals the same day they are completed.  Real-time updates regarding the status of an appraisal can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year via our eTrac appraisal management platform.  Among the most sophisticated appraisal management platforms available, eTrac allows AVM to provide unparalleled service by truly managing the appraisal process.  eTrac helps us keep clients informed by automatically generating notifications as updates are made to any order status.  We also offer our clients online statements and instant appraisal downloads for 30 days after order completion. 

AVM has consistently been ahead of the curve regarding the implementation of cutting edge appraisal tools.  We are committed to continuing to be a technology leader in our industry.