AVPro is a division of Absolute Value Management providing
comprehensive REO property
management solutions to the
lending industry.

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Neighborhood Comp Check

NCC is an Absolute Value company offering a variety of valuation tools.

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"We are an appraiser owned and operated company, so things work differently for us than the typical AMC. We have superior communication with our vendors – giving us the ability to fully customize services to meet your specific needs."

Effective and Efficient Management Grounded in Expertise

Effective appraisal management is no different than effective management in any other industry.  No industry can, nor should, be managed without the expertise and training specific to it.  Absolute Value Management (AVM) is founded on decades of experience managing appraisers throughout fluctuating regional and national interest rate and real estate cycles.

Effective and efficient vendor management requires the integration of an understanding of geographical territory, volume capacity and appraiser competence.  Unlike many large appraisal management companies, every appraisal is assigned by an experienced staff assigner who carefully evaluates each request and matches that appraisal order with the most qualified, competent and efficient appraiser for that order.  We rely on experience and good communication – not computer algorithms -- to ensure accurate, timely appraisal completion.

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